How to Make your Acne Treatment Work for You

There is a misconception that surrounds acne treatments. A lot of people believe that you need to find a treatment that will absolutely work for you. That’s not true, but may be easier than making your acne treatment work for you. Most manufacturers will make you believe that you need to find an absolute treatment that will address your needs. They will make you think that one product is better than the other. They do that to even out the competition but the fact is you can fight acne using any acne treatment that you want. In my opinion, it is not the treatment that will make your acne go away, it is how you use that treatment.

Following Directions is not Always the Right Way to Use a Treatment

A lot of adverts emphasizes the phrase “follow directions for best results” however, this is not the absolute way to get the best results. What matters most is your skin and not the acne treatment. You need to listen to your skin. If for some reason you follow the directions and you feel that your skin is not responding well to the treatment, say your skin gets too dry or too oily, don’t be afraid to adjust how you apply your treatments. Say if the directions tell you to use the treatment three times a day, try to reduce it to twice a day instead until your skin feels like normal.

Your treatment should not make your skin dry or oily. It should not sting and you shouldn’t feel that it is working. You can see that it is working because the signs and symptoms of acne is reduced but when you feel that it stings or that it is working, then your treatment is may be too strong for your skin.

Mix it Up

There are thousands of treatments out there but most often than not you need to use several treatments to get rid of acne. There are three must haves when it comes to acne treatment. This includes a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. Whatever skin type you have, you need these basic treatments to fight acne. However, don’t be afraid to mix it up with other products. You can add in there a refining max, an acne supplement or a spot treatment for stubborn spots. Take time to listen to your skin and you will never go wrong.